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Governance & Operating Budget

The California Exposition & State Fair is a separate entity in state government. The Board of Directors serves as the policy-making body. The Board adopts an annual budget which represents the projected revenues and expenses for the calendar year. The law requires that the budget be submitted to the Department of Food & Agriculture for approval. Cal Expo operates an enterprise fund budget. Cal Expo must sustain its operations on the revenues it generates.

2016 Financial Audit

2017 Approved Expense Budget
2017 Approved Revenue Budget

2018 Approved Revenue Budget
2018 Approved Expense Budget

To review sections from the Food & Agricultural Code which provide the general provisions, organization, administration, and powers and duties of the California Exposition & State Fair please visit Operations of Cal Expo are also subject to other California codes, including the Civil Code, Government Code, Penal Code, Public Contract Code, Public Resources Code, and the Business & Professions Code beginning with section 19400, provides for pari-mutuel wagering on horse racing.