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Job Openings


What to Submit

Successful completion of the State Exam Process is required before applying for the permanent job openings. Please include the following; otherwise, your application will not be processed.

  1. Submit a Standard State Application Form (STD 678).
  2. On the State application you MUST reference the 81 number and submit one State application per position.
  3. Resume is optional unless specified for the specific vacancy.

Applications will be screened and only the most qualified applicants will be interviewed. Final filing dates may be extended if positions are not filled.


Current Permanent Job Openings

No permanent job openings are available at this time.


Current Seasonal Job Openings

Position 81 Number Department Posting Date Deadline
Seasonal Park Aide 17-175 Maintenance 11/16/2017 Until Filled
SF Police Officer 18-008 Police 2/6/2018 Until Filled
T-Shirt Security 18-009 Police 2/5/2018 4/27/2018
Exhibit Crew 18-041 Exhibits 3/28/2018 Until Filled
Admissions Cashier 18-042 Admissions 3/29/2018 Until Filled
Parking Director 18-043 Parking 3/29/2018 Until Filled
Culinary Intern 18-055 Programs 4/24/2018 Until Filled
Exhibit Assistant 18-056 Exhibits 4/25/2018 Until Filled
Livestock Comp. Clerk 18-069 Programs 5/9/2018 6/13/2018
Livestock Comp. Lead 18-070 Programs 5/10/2018 6/13/2018
Farm Assistant 18-071 Programs 5/10/2018 6/13/2018
Barn Crew 18-072 Programs 5/10/2018 6/13/2018
Barn Crew Lead 18-073 Programs 5/10/2018 6/13/2018
Landscaper 18-089 Maintenance 5/22/2018 7/5/2018


Megan’s Law Form (Single Applicant)

Megan’s Law Form (Multiple Applicant)


If offered a position with the California State Fair & Exposition the job offer is not final until you have completed the entire process, and have been contacted by the hiring supervisor either to confirm your start date or to attend an orientation session. You will be required to provide documents that establish your identity and authorize your eligibility to work in the U.S.  For a list of acceptable documents, please visit here.  In addition, upon an offer of employment, you will be asked to submit to and pass a background screening and you may be subject to a Megan’s Law check.